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Servus und hallo zusammen!

Willkommen im HQ SUNGROWs für Europa, das schöne München! Das HQ liegt supernah gelegen am OST-Bahnhof, genauer gesagt in der Balanstr. 58. Dort haben wir einen riesigen Office-floor im 6. Stock von dem schon einige ein paar tolle „Sonnenuntergangselfies“ (was ein Wort,…) geschossen haben. Klar, hier im HQ findet am meisten Trubel statt, es sind tatsächlich sämtliche Teams vertreten und man trifft immer, und ich meine IMMER, nette Kollegen, die Mittagessen ordern wollen. Und hier sind wir auch schon an einem der coolsten features angekommen, nämlich unsere multikulturelle Belegschaft! Klar, logisch haben wir hier Deutsche, aber nebst denen trifft man hier auf etwa 50 verschiedene Nationen aus aller Welt. Viele chinesische Mitarbeiter findet man natürlich ebenfalls hier, es herrscht ein reges Treiben, es ist eine Wonne! Hier in München haben wir elektrisch verstellbare Tische und jede Menge Snacks zur Nervennahrung, sollte man mal was brauchen; Wir wissen nicht woher es kommt, aber in unserem Münchner Office finden sich ständig Snacks, die guten, also die klassischen Fruchtkörbe, und die,… andersguten in Form von Schokolade; jeder ist für sein eigenes Hüftgold verantwortlich 😊 Ich denke als kleiner Vorgeschmack sollte das erst mal reichen; also dann, wir sehen uns in München!!!


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Your duties

Sungrow EU is seeking highly motivated individuals to join our compliance function. This position is designed for those eager to significantly impact the compliance landscape of our operations across Europe. The role focuses on ensuring that our business practices fully comply with relevant European regulatory standards and internal guidelines. As a Compliance Officer, you will play a key role in enhancing our compliance framework and promoting a culture of integrity and accountability within Sungrow EU. This role will report to the Senior Compliance Officer Europe. 
  • Collaborate in the development, monitoring, and updating of internal compliance policies and procedures, aligning Sungrow EU's activities with applicable regulatory requirements.
  • Proactively engage in risk identification and assessment, supporting the establishment of effective compliance planning and risk management strategies.
  • Actively participate in monitoring, identifying, and assessing compliance risks and breaches. Take part in compliance investigations, respond to compliance inquiries, and manage compliance-related cases with a strategic approach.
  • Take charge of internal compliance execution efforts, organize compliance documentation, and assist the senior officer to prepare comprehensive compliance reports. Promote collaboration across various departments to ensure a unified compliance culture throughout Sungrow EU.
  • Spearhead the development and delivery of compliance training programs, educating employees about compliance standards and instilling a robust culture of compliance within Sungrow EU.
  • Demonstrate exceptional research skills to keep current with EU regulations, ensuring Sungrow EU's compliance framework remains aligned with the latest legislative developments.
  • This position requires frequent travel to engage with subsidiaries and stakeholders, ensuring effective compliance oversight, collaboration, and teamwork across Sungrow EU's operations.

Your profile

All good, that sounded great right? Now let`s have a look at your background, so you get a feeling if this could be the right challenge for you:
  • Bachelor’s degree in Law, Business Administration or policy, or management or a related field. 
  • Experience in a compliance role, with a strong desire to specialize in the European regulatory environment. 
  • Excellent research skills and a commitment to staying informed on changes in EU regulations, capable of quickly integrating new legal requirements into the company’s compliance framework.
  • Outstanding communication and coordination skills, with the ability to effectively collaborate with both internal teams and external regulatory bodies.
  • Proficiency in English and German is mandatory; knowledge of additional languages is advantageous.

Our offer

Clean and accessible energy is the key to a sustainable future on our planet!

We are market leaders in the solar energy space with the strongest PV-inverter R&D team and we are the largest inverter manufacturer. If you decide to join our team, you will benefit from the following:

  • Opportunities for career advancement as we are growing very fast in the EMEA region
  • Bonus payment on a fixed schedule every year based on performance
  • A multinational team with a diverse and inclusive mindset
  • Travel within Europe for training sessions or to attend renewable energy events
  • Opportunity to visit our R&D facilities in China
Commitment to diversity and inclusion at Sungrow

Our job descriptions were written with inclusivity in mind by using the following criteria:
1) We use a Gender Decoder tool to avoid gendered language.
2) We avoid superfluous requirements by separating essential needs from nice to haves.
3) We do not discriminate based on gender, age, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation or disability.
4) We do not use stock imagery in our career page, all photos and videos represent our internal culture.
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Dominik Nowicki

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