Welcome to Sungrow!

Welcome to Sungrow!

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Boost your career!

Boost your career!

Show me all jobs!

Our Awards Showcase

We want to offer you a place to be, a place to stay;

and others have awarded us for this mentality:

Why Sungrow you ask? Don`t even get me started

We enable all Sungrowers to use their full potential here with us. You will have many responsibilities, but, you will gain many freedoms as well:

Hybrid First!

Let`s face it. 2020 has taught each and every single one of us, that the way we deal with our daily life and work had to change.

"Work life balance" was yesterday, we are committed to a hybrid style in which you and your team decide when to gather at the office and when you have your focus time at home.

Career opportunities

Sungrow is in the state of SunGROWing right now, quite,... literally.

Many teams grew significantly, and where is such a strong growth, there is opportunity, also for You.

Our Academy`s Gates are open for You!

Whether you're diving into the intricacies of electro engineering, unraveling the secrets of our cutting-edge products, or casually mastering Chinese (because why not!), our academy is where curiosity meets expertise.

We are fun!

in the end, at Sungrow, we're not your average suit-and-tie squad.

We're the solar rebels who believe in making the Earth greener with a side of laughter. From cracking solar jokes to team dinners that feel more like family feasts, we're here to prove that saving the planet is a serious job, but it doesn't mean we can't have serious fun doing it.

Welcome to a workplace where the only thing brighter than our solar inverters is our sense of humor!

Sungrow in a Nutshell

What is it that drives us? Here we wish to tell you more about us:

Core Value - Honest & Reliable

We say what must be said, and stand by our word.

Core Value - Excellent & Open Minded

We always strive to find the ideal solution and are never afraid to think outside our bubble.

Core Value - Innovative & Respectful

Thinking outside the box is important, but we never lose sight of our fellow colleagues

Core Value - Customer First

Be it a big international player, or a small regional one. Our eyes are on them, always!

Together into a successful future

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