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Who we are

We are a green tech company unlike any other green tech company. We are a team of lateral thinkers, young professionals, and creative minds. We are fighting every day to make our mission happen – Clean Power For All! With ~400GW (!) of clean power presently installed worldwide, we are more than ready to sate the worlds hunger for clean energy! Welcome at Sungrow Sungrow is the global leading inverter solution supplier for renewables. We want to give fresh impulses, inspire, and contribute to a sustainable development of our planet, that’s why we constantly improve our portfolio. From floating solar plants to large-scale utility projects and to small residential products we always offer the best and most suitable solution. At Sungrow we hold more than 1500 patents – no wonder as we employ the biggest research and development team of the whole industry. 40 % of all Sungrow workforce is continuously investigating on how to further improve the existing portfolio. Want to know more? Check out our Job offers and let`s dive right in together!


A good motive

What is more sustainable than investing your time, ideas, energy and manpower into something that makes our planet a friendly home for all generations to come? A job at Sungrow is not just a job, it's a mission that satisfies you every day.


A good working atmosphere and a team-oriented culture promote good results and personal well-being. To foster and protect this atmosphere, we rely on a set of universal principles that govern our behavior and our interaction. These include openness, fairness and an inclusive and pragmatic approach to all challenges.

Global career

As solar power is in high demand worldwide, Sungrow is developing very positively. The rapid growth and expansion of the company regularly results in a large number of attractive job opportunities at our worldwide locations.

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