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W kwietniu tego roku otworzyliśmy nowe biuro w Warszawie! Nasz 18 osobowy zespół pomaga klientom w Europie Środkowo Wschodniej dostarczyć najbardziej zaawansowane systemy fotowoltaiczne. W ostatnich latach rynek PV nabrał rozpędu, co oznacza, że potrzebujemy Twojej pomocy. Czy dołączysz do naszego zespołu?

Zespół Sungrow Polska

A good motive

What is more sustainable than investing your time, ideas, energy and manpower into something that makes our planet a friendly home for all generations to come? A job at Sungrow is not just a job, it's a mission that satisfies you every day.

Personal development

Sungrow encourages the development of its employees and supports them in realizing their dreams. To this end, Sungrow has established a number of programs for continuous talent development.


A good working atmosphere and a team-oriented culture promote good results and personal well-being. To foster and protect this atmosphere, we rely on a set of universal principles that govern our behavior and our interaction. These include openness, fairness and an inclusive and pragmatic approach to all challenges.

Global career

As solar power is in high demand worldwide, Sungrow is developing very positively. The rapid growth and expansion of the company regularly results in a large number of attractive job opportunities at our worldwide locations.

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