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We are a green tech company unlike any other green tech company. We are a team of lateral thinkers, young professionals, and creative minds. We are fighting every day to make our mission happen – Clean Power For All! With ~400GW (!) of clean power presently installed worldwide, we are more than ready to sate the worlds hunger for clean energy! Welcome at Sungrow Sungrow is the global leading inverter solution supplier for renewables. We want to give fresh impulses, inspire, and contribute to a sustainable development of our planet, that’s why we constantly improve our portfolio. From floating solar plants to large-scale utility projects and to small residential products we always offer the best and most suitable solution. At Sungrow we hold more than 1500 patents – no wonder as we employ the biggest research and development team of the whole industry. 40 % of all Sungrow workforce is continuously investigating on how to further improve the existing portfolio. Want to know more? Check out our Job offers and let`s dive right in together!


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Your duties


  1. Data Collection: Collecting data from Energy Storage plants. This includes monitoring energy production, weather conditions, and equipment performance.
  2. Data Analysis: Analyzing the collected data to identify trends, patterns, and anomalies in energy production. This helps in optimizing the performance of renewable energy systems and identifying potential issues or areas of improvement.
  3. Performance Monitoring: Monitoring the performance of renewable energy systems to ensure optimal efficiency and output. This includes tracking energy production, system downtime, and equipment failures.
  4. Maintenance and Troubleshooting: Identifying and addressing any issues or malfunctions in renewable energy systems. This may involve coordinating repairs, conducting routine maintenance, and troubleshooting technical problems.
  5. Reporting and Documentation: Creating reports and documenting the data collected, analysis results, and system performance. This information is used to inform decision-making and improve the efficiency of renewable energy systems.
  6. Compliance and Regulations: Ensuring compliance with applicable regulations and standards related to renewable energy monitoring and reporting. This includes keeping up to date with industry guidelines and requirements.

Your profile

Ideal Candidate:

The ideal candidate will have a passion for renewable energy and cutting-edge technologies in energy storage systems. You should be an out-of-the-box thinker, curious to learn and solve problems and passionate about data. 
 Proficiency in both Hebrew and English at a minimum of C1 level is required. 


Your Profile:

  • Strong data collection skills.
  • Strong team player with a proven track record of working effectively within a team.
  • Proficiency in both Hebrew and English languages at least at a C1 level.
  • Excellent human relations and communication skills.
  • An out-of-the-box thinker, curious to learn and solve problems.
  • Passionate about renewable energy.

Our offer

The true topic for this decade Is RENEWABLE ENERGY!
We are more than happy to state that not only we are leading this discourse, but we also offer the fitting solutions for it. We have the strongest PV-Inverter R&D there is and became the world`s biggest Inverter 
Manufacturer, which we are extremely proud of! And now, for this decade, we are increasing our game, and you might become part of it! 
Besides that, many things await You:  
  • Opportunities for Career advancement   
  • Bonus payment based on pre-agreed and signed KPI agreements  
  • A multinational team awaits You with lots of European and trans European exchange!
  • Possibility for technical and commercial knowledge increasement in regard to string inverters, central inverters, inverter stations including transformer and switch gear and storage solutions    
  • Technical and commercial training in our headquarter in Germany and even visits to the big R&D facility in China!
Join us in shaping and revolutionizing the renewable energy landscape. 
 Apply now to contribute to our success and become an integral part of our global team.
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Dominik Nowicki

Dominik Nowicki

Talent Acquisition Manager Europe


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