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Somos una compañía global del sector de las energías renovables, La misión que nos une es el desarrollo de equipos de conversión y almacenamiento de energía, buscando en todo momento “Energía limpia, renovable y accesible para todo el mundo”. Compartimos un compromiso con la innovación y el progreso para nuestra gente, clientes y la sociedad que nos rodea.

El equipo diverso de Sungrow es la esencia de nuestra empresa. Creemos que el mejor talento es aquel que trabaja con pasión. Las nuevas ideas, métodos y tecnologías hacen posible un futuro mejor. Por ello, nos apasiona el potencial de las personas y creemos que todos deben poder alcanzar el suyo.

Ofrecemos diferentes modelos de trabajo: presencial, híbrido y a distancia. Orientados a dar un mejor servicio al cliente y al empleado. Además de compañeros ubicados por toda la Península. Tenemos oficinas centrales en Pamplona, Madrid y Oporto.


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Your duties

This role will include, but not be limited to:
  • Responsible for the structural design and development of alkaline electrolyzers (low pressure 0.2-0.5MPa).
  • Formulate technical, production, testing, and validation plans for electrolyzers.
  • Oversee the overall design of ALK electrolyzers, design core components, select and develop membranes and electrodes, and develop sealing processes.
  • Develop optimization and new product research plans for electrolyzer structures, including multi-objective optimization simulation and validation.

Your profile

All good, that sounded great right? Now let`s have a look at your background, so you get a feeling if this could be the right challenge for you:
  • Degree in chemical engineering, fluid mechanics, energy and power engineering, chemical process machinery, or related fields.
  • Familiar with electrochemical reaction mechanisms and has experience in the design of two-phase flow fluid structures.
  • Minimum 5 years of experience in independently developing large-scale electrolyzers.
  • Demonstrated ability in team building and organizational management.
  • Goals: Develop atmospheric pressure alkaline electrolyzers and systems within 2-3 years, ensuring competitive products for market release.
  • Language requirements: excellent skills Spanish, English and Chinese (both at least C1 level) 

Our offer

This decade might be overshadowed by Covid19, but sooner or later we will beat and overcome that son of a germ, am I right?
But the true topic for this decade lies in energy!
We are more than happy to state that not only We are leading this discourse, we also offer the fitting solutions for it. We have the strongest PV-Inverter R&D there is and became the world`s biggest Inverter Manufacturer, which we are extremely proud of!And now, for this decade, we are increasing our game, and You, You might become part of it! Besides that, many things await You:   
  • Opportunities for Career advancement   
  • Bonus payment based on pre-agreed and signed KPI agreements   
  • A multinational team awaits You with lots of european and transeuropean exchange!
  • Possibility for technical and commercial knowledge increasement in regard to string inverters, central inverters, inverter stations including transformer and switch gear and storage solutions    
  • Technical and commercial training in our headquarter in Germany and even visits to the big R&D facility in China!

As the wholly-owned subsidiary of Sungrow (Stock Code: 300274),Sungrow Hydrogen Sci.&Tech. Co., Ltd. (Sungrow Hydrogen) specializes in research on renewable energy electrolyzed water hydrogen production technology. Its main products include IGBT hydrogen production power supply, alkaline water electrolyzer, PEM electrolyzer, gas-liquid separation, purification equipment, and intelligent hydrogen management system. Sungrow Hydrogen is committed to providing “efficient, intelligent, safe” green electricity hydrogen production systems and solutions.

Adhering to market needs and R&D innovation, Sungrow Hydrogen becomes the first company in China to build an electrolyzed water hydrogen production system test platform, a renewable energy hydrogen production and hydrogen energy storage generation empirical test platform, a PEM electrolysis hydrogen production technology joint laboratory, and a GW-level hydrogen production equipment plant. Sungrow Hydrogen’s green electricity hydrogen production system applies to multiple scenarios such as energy and power, petrochemical industry, transport, and metallurgy, and it has been used in PV and wind energy hydrogen production pilot projects in various places including Jilin, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia, Gansu and Hubei.

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Julia Caracacheff

Talent Acquisition Specialist South Europe

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